Caterpillars and Towers Threading Activity

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Create your own designs with these easy to thread wooden beads.

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Activity Ideas:

  • Place all the beads in the centre – pass the thread or stick around the players. Each must choose a colour bead to thread – makes for a variety of patterns.
  • Share out the beads between players, each player must follow on from the same coloured bead as the player before. Winner is the player to use all their beads.
  • Players are shown a pattern card to follow for 5 seconds. After that the card is hidden and players must rely on their memory skills to stack the beads in the same configuration.

Our Caterpillars and Towers Threading Game makes a fun activity for groups or individuals in care homes.

Includes template cards to follow or players can make their own designs.

Ideal for colour matching, sequencing, improving fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination while helping to relax and concentrate the mind.

Dementia-friendly and fully washable.

All wooden construction.

Set includes:

  • 4 x ‘caterpillar’ thread
  • 4 x towers
  • 36 x beads
  • 8 x template cards (double-sided)
  • instructions
  • storage box


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Size: caterpillars: (l) 28cm, tower (h) 11.5cm, beads (dia) 5cm x (h) 3cm, storage box: (l) 33cm x (w) 23cm x (d) 8.5cm.

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