Pack of 54 chunky oversized buttons for easy threading. 5 sizes in 5 colours to colour coordinate, shape sort or just thread together for fun!

Pack of 54 chunky oversized  buttons for easy threading. 5 sizes in 5 colours to colour coordinate, shape sort or just thread together for fun!

Ideal for people for all ages and abilities, the laces are fitted with 'smiley' anchor ends to keep buttons secure while threading.

Can be used for early mathematical learning i.e. shape sorting, colour matching, counting, size graduation etc.

Older hands find these easy to manipulate and keep attention levels high.

Durable washable plastic for good hygiene control.

Set contains: 44 buttons in 5 sizes and 5 colours, 6 laces with smiley anchors.

Size: Buttons range from 3.5cm to 7.5cm. Laces approx. (l) 77cm. Not suitable for very young children.

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