At Activities to Share, we understand the challenges faced by care home activity coordinators up and down the country when it comes to the difficulties in securing funding, getting budgets to go further, and to persuade management to release finances for activities in the first place. So we have created a suite of offers to help address these issues and hopefully make procuring activities a whole lot easier, and make budgets go further.

Price Promise

We know we are not alone in this market and we want to remain competitive and your first choice for activities. So we offer our customers our price promise.

Budget Stretcher

The core idea behind budget stretcher is that if you can commit a slice of your annual activities budget to us then we’ll make it go 20% further than it would otherwise.

Bigger Orders, Bigger Benefits

Larger orders take about the same resource for us to process as smaller orders do, and therefore we benefit more from customers who place larger orders with us. To help recognise and share this benefit we offer some incentives to place larger orders.

Case Study

Helping a Care Home Group save money and streamline purchasing.

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