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Budget Stretcher

The core idea with budget stretcher is that if you can commit a slice of your annual activities budget to us then we’ll make it go 20% further than it would otherwise. For example if you have a £1000 annual budget for activities and you commit this to us then we’ll give you an extra £200 to spend throughout the year i.e. a total of £1200 at your disposal.

Key Benefits

  • Have one discussion with management to secure the budget for the year, but then have the flexibility to spend it how you want.
  • Get 20% more for your money
  • Can still take advantage of any promotions or sales during the year
  • Control what you get
  • Easier for the procurement department – one supplier, one payment.

For administrative purposes, the annual spend will be spread out through the year into four 3 month blocks. So for the example, above you’d get £300 to spend in each 3-month block – we’ll allow for up to 10% overspend in each block.

To sign up, you’ll need to sign to acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms and conditions, then we will issue a proforma invoice which you’ll need to pay to initiate the offer, and thereafter you can start purchasing straight away.

Terms and Conditions
  • Activities to Share’s general terms and conditions apply.
  • Only available to UK non-reseller customers.
  • All charges and sale offers apply as normal, other promotions cannot be used in combination with Budget Stretcher.
  • All amounts are inclusive of VAT where applicable.
  • You have up to one month after the end of the 12 months to use up any unused credit, otherwise this will be written off.
  • Budget Stretcher starts with the date of payment.
  • Unspent credit at the end of the year can be carried over if you take up the offer again in the following year.
  • You can only spend up to 10% over your block allowance: any amount over this will be invoiced separately.
  • Any amount not spent in a block will roll over to the next.
  • Any overspend at the end of year will be invoiced separately.
  • You may cancel this arrangement during the year under the following conditions:
    • With written notice.
    • Activities to Share will refund 70% of the remaining unused value
      • Example: You commit £1000 and get £200 of credit, meaning you have £1200 available to spend. You use £600 worth of credit in the first half year and terminate at the half year point. You would then receive £420 as a refund.
  • An agreement between Activities to Share and the customer must be signed by an authorised person detailing the amounts and these conditions.
  • The year starts when the full amount is paid to Activities to Share
  • If Activities to Share were to enter administration during the period then BES Healthcare Ltd (the owner of Activities to Share) will honour any refund due under the same conditions as if the customer were to cancel Budget Stretcher.
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