Dice Poppers

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Set of 2 caged dice

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Handy dice poppers can be used to replace a standard dice for all board games.

This saves the dice rolling off the table, which can be difficult to reach when seated and the game gets distruped.

The dice is enclosed in a dome, just press the top and the dice turns.

Ideal when 2 people are quietly playing ludo, snakes and ladders or any dice game and are in wheelchairs.

  • Wipe clean after use and store in the box ready for more gaming fun.
  • Set includes 1 red dice dome popper which has 1 numerical die, and blue dice dome popper holding 2 dot dice.
Activity Ideas

Use to play snap – as each dice is different it will take some concentration to get the ‘snap’ quickly, making this a more challenging game than the card game.

Play ‘Higher or Lower’ – have 2 teams, a person in charge of the red popper and a person in charge of the blue popper:

  • ask the player of the red dice popper to go first
  • then each team need to decide if it will be higher or lower on the blue popper
  • the team leader writes down their answer – or if you have made Higher & Lower cards they select which one
  • team with the most correct guesses wins

This game is also good for a one to one.


Each popper measures:

  • 8cm in diameter
  • 5cm in height

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