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The Dice Game

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Unique wooden dice game for 2-9 players

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Lots of different ways to play this unique wooden Dice Game with highly tactile cubes to place on the coloured dice squares after throwing the colour die. For 2-9 players.

Great tactical game and is ideal for older people to play on a table top. Could also be played on a tray table for anyone in a hospital or care home bed.

The Dice Game is ideal for care homes as it can be played by people of differing ability – and can also be enjoyed by people living with different stages of dementia.

Board folds to make a neat storage box with handy carry handles – would make a treasured gift for anyone.

See also our Dice Forest Game for more numeracy fun.

Activity Ideas
  • Divide the wooden cubes. Throw the coloured spot dice, players place a cube onto any square of that colour. Winner is the player who places all their cubes first.
  • Players can also incorporate the dotted die and try to place their cube on the square that matches colour and number- if that square is full they cannot lay their cube. Winner is the first to lay all their cubes.
  • Players can throw both dice and have to stack the relevant amount of cubes onto that square. Winner is the player to use all their cubes – no part stacks allowed. Good for hand/eye coordination and numeracy skills.
  • In groups of 6, each player throws the dice and the number becomes ‘theirs’. Dice will continue to be thrown until each player has a designated number. Each player then takes it in turns to try to throw the dice and get their number. If they do, they place a cube on one of the squares. Winner is the first person to get all of their number squares covered.
  • Above games can be made extra fun by placing stickers on random squares that will incorporate forfeits (miss a go/ throw again/ recite a nursery rhyme).

Set contains: Wooden board, 36 brown cubes, 1 x coloured die, 1 x standard die, 1 x numbered die, instructions. Boxed.

Size – Box: (l) 32cm x (w) 16cm x (d) 3.5cm

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