Wild Dice

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Dice with a difference!


Dice with a difference! Our Wild Dice adds extra fun to any board game, or can be used on its own for a numeracy game in its own right.

Six sides, each with 16 wells in which the balls can fall.

Helps practice number quantities and subsets for older people which can aid concentration levels during a game.

Ideal activity for care home residents and can help dementia patients keep minds active.

Made from washable plastic.

Why not take a look at our Wild Dice Large too! Or play our deluxe Dice Game for lots of numeracy fun.

Activity Ideas
  • Make a number of number ‘Bingo’ cards – random numbers on each – ensure no two are the same. Then one person throws the dice and the numbers are crossed off – first person to get a line wins.
  • Use for fitness sessions – for each throw of the dice, do the corresponding number of stretches, bends, twists etc.
  • Give each player a piece of squared paper and a pencil. Throw the dice on the table and ask people to copy the number pattern onto their piece of paper. Copy and transfer activities help to engage the brain and help with hand/eye coordination.

Size: (l) 4.5cm x (w) 4.5cm x (d) 4.5cm

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