PicLink Game

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PicLink is a highly versatile game


PicLink is a highly versatile game intended for those with developmental disorders as well as anyone living with a dementia. Uses colour/type recognition but can also be used for same/different, memory recall and encourage conversation. As there is no formal structure to PicLink, the possibilities for play are limited only by your imagination. Reinforces some of the basic concepts and perceptions important in early development in young children. Difficulty level can be adjusted by using fewer or more cards. Each tile has a vibrant and easily recognisable image and is made of tough board that is easy to handle.

For another game with similar versatility try: Memory Colour Combinations or Colour Placement Tiles

Activity Ideas
  • Cards can be used as story-starters. Place cards face down on a table and ask each player to select a card. They try to incorporate their image into the story. Players can opt when to come in if wish.
  • Select all cards linked with home and household living. Discuss retro appliances with changes over the years. Maybe find images of modern equivalents if needed. Discuss were the old appliances better or worse? (Noise levels, time, finished result).
  • Ask players to find selected card groups – nature, travel, food, hobbies, work, fashion. Ask each player to choose a card that is meaningful to them (can be another player’s card if group game).
  • Ask players to select cards linked to a colour e.g. yellow – chic  green – leaf.
  • Place groups of cards that are linked in some way. Keep a random selection aside and ask players to place them in the category they feel best fits the image.
  • Place groups of cards that are linked in some way and place a card that is not linked. Ask players to guess the odd one out and to explain why this is so.

Set contains: 36 picture tiles and guidelines on possible games to play.

Size: Tiles: (l) 6.5cm x (w) 6.5cm.

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