Sand Tray for Therapy and Fun

£155.82 (£186.98 inc. VAT)

65cm Sand Tray for Sand Tray Therapy and Fun


Sand tray therapy was originally developed by Margaret Lowenfeld and has been developed ever since. Our sand tray can make the perfect sensory and tactile activity to help improve fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination.

The base is made from safety glass and can be used to place coloured paper or a light panel underneath to show contrasting colours when making deeper patterns. Ideal for anyone who is sight impaired or living with a dementia.

To keep things tidy when not in use you might also want to consider getting the Lid for the sand tray.

Why not add one of our Sand Accessory Sets or Sand Pattern Sieves for added fun and interest?

If you are new to using sand trays then you might like to also buy this book

Activity Ideas
  • Use various accessories to freely create patterns in the sand
  • Add a coloured sheet under the tray to add visual appeal
  • Add a light panel under the tray to add even further visual appeal
  • Find some pictures for people to try and recreate in the sand
  • Provide and theme and see what people create
  • Add other objects to the patterns e.g. pine cones, sea shells, feathers

Set includes:

  • 1 x  1kg bag of fine quartz sand
  • 2 x pattern rakes
  • 1 x  sand straightener.

Size: (l) 65cm x (w) 50cm x (d) 5cm.

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