Baby Doll Danny

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Baby Danny is sure to melt anyone’s heart.


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His cute outfit is easily removable and he comes complete with dummy and bottle.

Lay him down to sleep and he will close his eyes.

Doll therapy is widely recognised for use with people living with dementia. Helps to evoke nurturing, caring instincts and can alleviate stressful situations.

NB: Always introduce a doll gradually. Seat on a chair and allow the person to get used to it, picking it up and nursing it in their own time. If they show no interest, never try to push it on their lap. If the person becomes very attached, ensure others do not take it away or play with it as this can cause upset and jealousy.

Soft-bodied doll with bean filled bottom,  moulded vinyl head, hands and feet.

The removable outfit consists of hat and romper suit, all are washable cotton/polyester.

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Activity Ideas
  • Undress doll and get a bowl of soapy water. Ask the person if they would like to wash Danny’s outfit – while doing so, chat about how they did their washing-did they use a bar of soap and wash it by hand or machine. How did they feel when they got their first twin tub? Ask them to peg out Danny’s outfit and when dry, dress him again.
  • Provide a shallow box and a couple of tea towels. See if the person would like to make a bed for Danny. Sing a few nursery rhymes – how many can you remember? (Rock-a-bye-Baby, Humpty Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet).
  • Provide a plastic bowl and spoon nearby – see if the person will try to ‘feed’ the doll. If so, talk about what type of food babies like? If the person wants some real food, put a little yoghurt in the bowl (this is easily wiped off and will not stain).


  • (h) 38cm
  • (w) 23cm
  • (d) 12cm.
  • Boxed.

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