Joyk Empathy Doll – Jack

£75.07 (£90.08 inc. VAT)

Empathy Doll Jack is a lovable newborn who is designed to comfort.

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If you are new to Empathy Dolls then you might like to also get this book: Doll Therapy in Dementia Care by Gary Mitchell

Just like with real newborns, his head needs to be supported when lifting and carrying.

His body is pleasantly soft and filled with movement beads and different materials.

His very realistic body language helps to awaken the caring and nurturing instincts in older people with dementia living in care homes or hospitals.

These babies are designed with great attention to detail and have a belly button and realistically reproduced sexual characteristics.

His fun outfit is easy to put on and take off.

Always introduce a doll gradually. Seat on a chair and allow the person to get used to it, picking it up and nursing it in their own time. If they show no interest, never try to push it on their lap. If the person becomes very attached, ensure others do not take it away or play with it as this can cause upset and jealousy.




Material: dolls washable up to 40°C, clothes up to 30 ° C.

Size: approx. 40 cm.

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