Green Balloons

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Great for St Patrick’s or St David’s Day celebrations. Pack of 10 Green Balloons that will fill a room with fun.


Great for St Patrick’s and St David’s Day celebrations

Metallic Spring Green Balloons

Great for any care home party – particularly good for a garden party too as the vibrant green colour looks great hung amongst the trees.

Why not try our Balloon Hangers for easy displaying?

See our Gold BalloonsHappy Birthday Balloons and Balloon Pump too.

Activity Ideas
  • Fill a balloon with flour and tie a secure knot to make a simple stress ball – can be used to improve hand and grip strength.
  • Inflate and pop a few dried peas or some rice inside before tying to make a sensory ball that is good for anyone with a sight impairment to swirl.
  • Deflated balloons can also be used as a simple exercise resistance band to stretch and pull and tone up elderly arms.

12″ Latex Balloons

Pack of 10

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