Sit To get Fit CD – simple seated exercises to music

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A favourite for those who enjoy gentle seated exercise to music. Clear instructions and an appropriate tempo make this CD suitable for all.

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Julie Robinson of the popular Move it and Lose It series has brought us another valuable exercise CD for older people including those with dementia.

This is real favourite for those who enjoy gentle seated exercise with a little background music to go with it. Set to familiar music such as The Can-Can and The Blue Danube, everyone can join in and follow Julie’s clear, empathetic instruction.

Chair Exercises include: 

Gentle shoulder circles, heel raises, seated marching and arm swings, all of which aim to help with mobility, self-confidence, and wellbeing.

Programme Listing:

  1. The Blue Danube – wake up and warm up
  2. The Can Can       – feet and ankles
  3. Gounod’s Ballet   – hands and wrists
  4. Coppelia’s Waltz  – arms and shoulders
  5. Liberty Bell         – circulation booster
  6. Get Rocking        – a lively workout
  7. Timeless             – stretch it out
  8. Morning              – relax and revitalise

Running time – approximately 50 minutes.

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