MYO Flowers Pack

£7.42 (£8.90 inc. VAT)

Different textures to make different flowers to use in all kinds of craft projects

  • Felt, Foam, tissue, and crepe paper in different shades to produce the prettiest of flowers
  • Use the Flower Stencils to copy onto the materials and cut out, glue together, and use on many projects
  • Ideal for wreath, card, collage making, and scrapbook decorating
  • Different materials can be used to make Hearts, Stars, or Birds and Butterfly
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Activity Ideas

This kit can be used to decorate your home for upcoming events and for the Spring.

We will be uploading different stencils over the next few weeks so check our Activity Download page to see what you can make.

A mixed-color pack of foam is available from our store, as well as felt sheets and another mixed paper kit.

If you make a few hearts out of the foam and felt, if you have finished with them, reuse them as butterfly wings:

  • Turn them on their side
  • Cut a piece of card out in a long sausage shape and glue the heart tip to the cardboard
  • Decorate the ‘body’ of the butterfly
  • Make some antennas and glue them to the back of the body
  • Decorate the wings with buttons, rhinestones, glitter or paint a design on.

Making a Wreath:

  • Using the Foam Sheet, cut out a circle or Horse Shoe Shape
  • With the felt, crepe and tissue paper make some flowers using the stencils, using the different papers to layer the flower
  • Use the brown Craft Stickers as centerpieces for the flowers
  • Add in some other items, include Felt Flowers, Felt Hearts, Butterfly Embellishments and  Garden Icon Shapes 
  • Hole punch the top and hang with a ribbon or string.



Sizes vary:

1 sheet each of Foam, Felt and Crepe

1 pack of 6 sheets of Pattern tissue paper (various colours and designs)

1 pack of 6 Flower Stencils

1 pack of Brown Dot Circles (various sizes)

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