Mixed Wooden Garden Icons

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Small wooden icons great for card making or scrapbooks

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Nine different wooden garden icons to add to your design

Makes a card or picture more tactile and brings it to life, add pipe cleaners to make peoples outline or buildings, and use wax crayons as well as pencils and paints to add more texture

Can be coloured with pens or painted over

Activity Ideas

Make postcards or greetings cards – draw a picture and then add materials and icons to it to bring it to life, then colour with paints, wax crayons, pens, and pencils to add a different shading, then post to friends and family or pass to each other in the home.

Make a Garden Bingo Game:

You need, Bingo Dabbers or thick pens, photocopies of bingo graphs.

Place some of the icons on a piece of gridded paper and photocopy them, swapping the pieces so the cards are all different – keep a copy of each set in a file for a master set, then on another day you just need to copy each one.

Put the icons in a pot and pick them out or if you want to use the icons in an art session make a list of their names or photocopy them all and cut out the pictures, laminate, and call out the icon.


9 designs

45 icons


Each piece is approx 1cm

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