Social Games for Care Homes

Social Games for Care Homes

Social interaction is an important topic in care homes as positive interaction between residents has a big impact on their wellbeing. One of the best ways to get people interacting in a subtle way is through games. Pretty much all games will aid social interaction, but we have singled out these ones are being particularly effective and enjoyable to play.

Why not host a quiz evening? The Pub Trivia Quiz Game is great fun - you could even add some beer!

It can sometimes be a dauting prospect when going into a residential home for the first time. These games are perfect for helping new residents settle in and get to know their fellow residents too. Our Toss and Talk Ball - Getting to Know You is perfect for this. Many can be played either seated or standing and are printed on large bold text, so should ensure that everyone can join in the fun.

Why not get some gentle exercise while you play a game - the Getting To Know You Floor Mat  just needs bean bags to throw onto the questions - those throwing can always nominate someone else to answer if they wish.