Small Sand Tray 37cm

£77.98 (£93.57 inc. VAT)

Our Small Sand Tray is perfect to fit on any table or even on a lap.


Activity Ideas

  • Use various accessories to freely create patterns in the sand
  • Add a coloured sheet under the tray to add visual appeal
  • Add a light panel under the tray to add even further visual appeal
  • Find some pictures for people to try and recreate in the sand
  • Provide and theme and see what people create
  • Add other objects to the patterns e.g. fur cones, sea shells, feathers

Sand is a wonderful, tactile activity for older people and especially for anyone living with a dementia in a care home.

Let the fine sand trickle through fingers or use our accessories to add extra fun.

Tray has a safety glass bottom that can take coloured paper that will show through when making deeper holes or patterns for colour contrast.

Tray can be stacked for easy storage.

Also comes with a bag of quartz sand and a wooden sand straightener.

Why not use with our Sand Accessory Kit for Small Tray or Sand Pattern Sieves to make it even more fun?


Size: (l) 37cm x (w) 27cm x (d) 5cm.

Safety glass base is 5mm thickness.

Quartz sand 400g. Made from beech wood.


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