Precious Petzzz – Bertie the Beagle

£31.16 (£37.39 inc. VAT)

Bertie the Beagle dog makes a lovable and adorable pet that can actually ‘breathe’.


He offers a real pet ownership experience without the hassles and expense.  Petzz provide much needed comfort for people, especially those in hospitals and care homes (no doubt the carers love them too!)

Ideal for people living with a dementia such as Alzheimer’s as the rythmic act of stroking can help calm and soothe anxiety.

Bertie is velvety soft and comes with a carrying crate and bed.

Precious Petzzz make an ideal gift for a loved one living in a care home and with no fur to worry about, they are suitable for anyone with an allergy to pet hair. Choose from our extensive range of pups, cats and rabbit.

Or why not treat your family member to a Joy For All robotic pet – with realistic sounds, it responds to your touch and voice just like the real thing.

Precious Petzzz will run continuously for up to one month on a single “D” battery (included).


  • Size: approx.
  • (h) 9cm
  • (l) 25cm
  • (w) 19cm.


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