Cork Ladybird

£33.68 (£40.41 inc. VAT)

Push the Cork Ladybird’s ‘spots’ back into place.


Lovely tactile activity game for older people with limited hand dexterity.

This game is especially good for anyone with a dementia like Alzheimer’s as is simple and quick to achieve for a limited attention span.

Eco friendly cork makes this allergy-free and the most sustainable material around.

Helps practise eye/hand coordination.

Ideal for hospitals, learning disability schools and care homes to help practise motor skills.

This game can be used in a variety of ways; either on a table top, on a tray in bed or on a lap. Cork is quiet when dropped so makes a good alternative to wooden games.

NB: Delivery time may take a little longer for this product.

  • Size:
  • (h) 8cm
  • (dia) 15.5cm.


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