Active Hands

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Active Hands set – a carefully selected set of products to keep restless hands busy all in a neat cotton drawstring bag.

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This will make an ideal set for older people who find difficulty in keeping hands still, especially good for anyone with a dementia such as Alzheimer’s.

Great for keeping attention levels high and aid fine motor control skills in wrists and fingers, something that can deteriorate during the aging process.

Makes an ideal activity for anyone in a care or nursing home, day care centre or for those in a hospital setting. All items are fully washable for good hygiene control.

Please note: items may vary according to availability.

See also our Busy Hands Kit and Fun Sensory Kit.

Activity Ideas
  • Memory game – lay the items on a table and allow a minute for players to look at the items. Ask them to close their eyes and take away one or two items. Ask players to open their eyes and guess which items are missing.
  • Make up a story using all or some of the items – you can add anything else to help. Items could be used as a suggestion to something i.e. the Finger Fidget (ball in net tube) could be someone trapped inside somewhere. Soft ball could be a trampoline or bed.
  • Use items as a still life for a group (or individual) to draw or paint.

Size: Bag measures (w) 24cm x (l) 35cm (colours may vary).

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