Time Altogether Bundle

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Great games to play as a group and get time together.

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A bundle of games to promote spending time together and encourage communication and socializing.

Three different games with a set of answer buzzers to add a competition twist to them, tab along to our Activity Ideas Section and see what we have in mind!  These can be used with other games too.

Bundle includes:

  • Royal Bingo
  • Match the title game
  • Giant Playing Cards
  • Set of 4 answer buzzers with different sounds
Activity Ideas

Use the set of buzzers with all of these games to add to the fun.

With the Match the Sayings:

  • Divide your group into 4 teams and give them a buzzer
  • You are the dealer
  • Take the tile out the bag and place it on the table or hold it up so all can see
  • The group needs to buzz in to answer and complete the saying
  • They win the tile if correct or it goes out to the other groups
  • Winning team is the one with the most tiles

With the Giant Playing Cards:

  • If you have enough people for a group then divide up into 4 teams or play with 4 individuals
  • Have a set of general knowledge questions to hand (these can be about the people in the group or out of another game or quiz book)
  • Set the cards out 5 in a line and put the pile in front turning the top card over  – play higher or lower
  • The game starts when a team/person gets a question right and can turn the cards over
  • To complete a run, they need to turn all 5 cards over correctly by shouting higher or lower in line on what is on the card
  • A point is rewarded to the team/person that turns over a complete run
  • The winner is the team/person with the most points after the whole pack of cards is turned.

With Royal Bingo:

  • Sit everyone around a table with the buzzers in reach for everyone
  • Share out the Bingo Cards so everyone has one
  • Starting with you, describe a Royal on your card – mention their hair colour, who they are/were married to, or is the son/daughter/niece/nephew of
  • The group needs to buzz in with an answer or guess using their card or knowledge
  • When a person guesses correctly it is their turn
  • The game ends when all the Royals are guessed

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