Playing Card Bingo Game

£14.43 (£17.31 inc. VAT)

A clever combination of two favourite games – cards and bingo. Easy to set up and play, simply call a card from the pack and cover your board if it matches.


A clever combination of two favourite games – cards and bingo and an easy game to set up and play.

The caller takes a card from the pack, if the player has the matching card on their bingo board the card itself is used as the bingo marker. Keep going until you have completed a line or the full board – whichever you choose.

Suitable for all abilities inlcuding people with a dementia, learning disabilities or visual impairment.

Set contains: 2 x decks of playing cards, 6 x (l) 33cm x (w) 24cm bingo cards, rules and storage box. For 1-6 players.

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