Musical Bingo

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Musical Bingo, the perfect activity for day centres, care homes and clubs. Simply print off the game sheets you require, switch on and play!

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This revised and easily portable version of the ever popular game allows for great flexibility – simply print off the number of game sheets you require, switch on the CD and you’re ready to play.  When players match the song excerpt they hear with a title on their game sheet they simply mark with a cross as with conventional bingo games.

Musical Bingo can be used in many ways: to initiate sing-along sessions, as a musical quiz or as a gentle one-to-one activity. It is sure to spark interesting conversation and reminiscence, raising questions such as “Where did you first hear that song?” and “What memories does the song evoke?”

Each excerpt is between 10 and 30 seconds long, allowing plenty of time to remember, identify and mark the song sheet. 

Songs inlcude: London Bridge is Falling Down, Danny Boy, On Mother Kelly’s Dorstep, Silent Night, Oh You Beautiful Doll, Greensleeves, Auld Lang Syne· I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles, Jingle Bells, Oh I Do Lke To Be Beside The Seaside and many more.

Game pack includes 2 CDs containing 40 songs (instrumental); printable song list and game sheets, plus a guidance booklet. 

For 2-20 players.

Size: Case: (l) 19cm x (w) 14cm x (d) 1cm.

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