Magnetic Darts

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A safe and fun way to enjoy a much-loved traditional game.


Magnetic darts is a safe and fun way to enjoy a much loved traditional game.

Can be played sitting or standing, so well worth including in a programme of activities for the elderly. Ideal for care homes and day centres.

A game of magnetic darts that can be played by anyone, including people who may have dementia, Alzheimer’s or by adults with learning or physical disabilities.

Playing darts is a sociable activity that helps retain hand-eye coordination and encourages communication amongst players, whilst helping to keep older people active. Other well-learned activities can also be incorporated; for example: writing down scores and adding up.

If you would prefer something for on the floor, then we also have our Target Number Boards

Activity Ideas

Set up a Pub Games corner in your social area, or if you have a bar area.

If you don’t have spaces like this then take a look around and see if you could make an area that is like a saloon bar.  You will need space for a couple of tables and some chairs, space for people to play darts and keep score.  You could fix a chalkboard near the dart board, one at a height for someone seated and another for someone standing.

Other games you could include to make this like a saloon bar are:

Classic Dominoes 

Just put them out on a table for 2 people to play over a drink

Standard or Large Print Playing Cards

Again, have the packs of cards out for a group to interact and enjoy a game together.  We also have Jacks, and Shut the Box


Set includes 6 professionally weighted darts with safe magnetized ends 2 different colours, plus a hangable, heavyweight magnetic dartboard.

Size: (l) 40cm x (w) 40cm

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