Kubb Game Set

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Experience the Ancient Game of Kubb. Unearth the spirit of ancient Vikings with our Kubb Game! Engage, entertain, and experience a Nordic classic. Play this fun game seated or standing.


Kubb is a wooden throwing game that is good fun for all abilities and can be played indoors or outdoors.

Benefits of playing Kubb include:

  • Ideal for getting people out in the fresh air getting exercise whilst having fun
  • Great upper body exercise while putting a smile on your face
  • Comes in a plastic zipped carry bag, making it ideal to travel to the park with you.

We like this game because:

  • Kubb is played by one team against another
  • A good number in each team is 1 or 2 players
  • However, for informal games, it really doesn’t matter – up to 6 players can be in a team and it’s even OK to have
    more people in one team than the other!

Learn more:

Activity Ideas

Set up with some other games in the garden, even when it is a bit chilly out, wrap up and have fun for an hour.

Team with the Wooden Hoopla, Bean Bag Toss Game, or Tic Tac Toe Game

Or see suggestions below in the ‘This product goes well with’ section


The Set is handmade in wood and consists of:

  • 10 Skittles (kubbs)
  • 1 Large Skittle (King)
  • 6 Throwing Sticks
  • 4 Corner Stakes (for outdoor use) to mark out the court – if playing indoors use beanbags or a sheet of paper.
  • Carry case
  • Instructions

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