Familiar Faces Bingo Game

£23.28 (£27.93 inc. VAT)

3 Games in 1 box – Bingo & Playing Cards

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  • Name the familiar face – helps spark conversation
  • Bingo – Use the cards to play a fun game
  • Giant Playing Cards – have a game of higher or lower with the reverse of the cards
  • Great for groups
  • Value for money
  • Encourages conversation and storytelling
  • Instructions included
Activity Ideas
  1. If you have a pack of playing cards, share these with your group and play snap by you holding up a giant playing card.  The players hold theirs up and yell snap if they are holding the same as yours.
  2. Use with our Reminiscence boxes Mens Night on the Town and Getting Ready to Dance or gather some items from the home to match items that the Familiar Faces would be wearing – for example: A tie, neck or head scarf, satin gloves, rollers, braces.
  3. As well as naming the person on your card, can you name what they do for a job?  You can also make some name labels to give with the card to help people recognise the face, just put them to one side so the person can label the pictures themselves.

Set includes 12 jumbo 9-1/2″ x 13″ Bingo Cards with 9 familiar faces

A jumbo 5″ x 7-1/4″ deck of 52 calling cards that each feature a different “Familiar Face” and name on one side and then regular face playing cards on the other


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