Quietly Take Aim Bundle

£50.32 (£60.38 inc. VAT)

Play the games that are loved without the noise


If you have a care setting where the clattering of some games is a no-go area, this bundle is designed for you.

  • Promotes Exercise
  • Encourages interaction
  • Great competition games
  • Saves you money

Bundle consists of:

Giant Inflatable Bowling Set

Foam Can Alley

Badminton Set & extra Shuttlecocks (6)


Activity Ideas

Giant Inflatable Bowling – add in a couple of Candy Canes and another Giant Inflatable Ball, and use the Skittles as posts to weave in and out of, pass the cane to the next person, and so on until the first team to finish is the winner.  Or use the Skittles as goalposts and play a game of walking football.

Place the Foam Cans around on the floor and give 2 teams a badminton rachet each and 3 shuttlecocks – see if anyone can aim them into the cans.  If too difficult use some string and make circles on the floor.


Game Sets vary in sizes

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