Octaband 16 leg

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The Octaband® is fun, and is an invaluable addition your activity resources. Suitable for all ages and all abilities.


The Octaband® is fun, and is an invaluable addition your list of dementia group activities. It is an interactive resource designed to encourage group participation, visual stimulation and a flexible range of physical movement for all ages and all abilities.

The stretchy material, bright colours and innovative design stimulates self-expression, spontaneity and awareness of others. The centre circle provides a strong visual focus, and the 14cm hem at the end of each leg allows those with limited grasping ability to participate.

Although a group activity, the Octaband® allows individuals to move themselves and their Octaband® leg independently of others and the legs can be wrapped around the arm to suit each person.

The Octaband® also has a hem at the end of each leg, so that the leader can slip the person’s hand into the hem. So if the person lacks the cognitive understanding of what is expected of them or physically can’t hold on, the hem allows them to hold on and be part of the activity (the hem can also be slipped over the feet).

The Octaband® has been used with great success by dance movement therapists, recreation therapists, activities coordinators, occupational therapists and special needs teachers in schools.

Important reminders:

  • Follow all medical precautions, especially for hip replacement.
  • Be aware of individuals’ physical limits.
  • Make sure not to hyper-extend rotator cuff muscles (shoulder).
  • Tension is not as important as the movement itself.
  • Slow, controlled movements are more important (and safer) than fast movements.
  • Repetition is very beneficial.

This product would also be suitable for use in school-based activities, supporting young people with learning disabilities.

  • Size: Unstretched inner circle (dia) 76cm. Leg (l) 112cm.
  • Number of poeple: 4 to 16 people.
  • Weight: 680g.
  • Material: 80% nylon and 20% Spandex.
  • Machine wash: cold, line dry.
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