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Christmas Engagement Bundle

£57.35 (£68.82 inc. VAT)

A small bundle of nostalgic products to bring people together

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This bundle is designed to add some nostalgia to your Christmas activities, makes a nice gift for a Care Home or for carers visiting people throughout Decemember.

  • Hang old-fashioned fairy lights around a reading corner or display these contents on a table and hang the lights above.
  • Place the fringed Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Banner above a radiator so the heat moves the strands or place it in the hallway for all to enjoy
  • Great for busy hands and an evening activity, making festive paper shapes with origami, a calming ancient art of paper folding will occupy people and amuse them.
  • Sit and watch the DVD and join in with the conversation, the DVD has pause moments where conversation within your group is encouraged.
  • Play the quiz game after dinner to finish off the evening – the winners get a special treat with evening drinks!
  • Mem Pack- Christmas Past is full of reminiscence material, great to talk about how people celebrated their Christmas, what food they ate, and who they visited
  • Packed in a gift bag




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