Naturals Pack

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Different natural materials to use in lots of different ways

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A discount bundle of all-natural products that are great for adding a touch of sensory to your craft session

Keep an eye on our download page to see how these can be used at different times of the year, we will include the Activity Ideas that are on this page so you have them to hand

Tab along to the Activity Ideas and keep an eye on our Free Downloads showing ideas and instructions on ways to use these

Activity Ideas

Burlap Roll – Use to wrap around the Poly Wreath and attach items to it.  Use to make Ribbons, the smell of the jute gives a lovely sensory smell.  Hang vertically and attach greeting cards to it.  Can also be used as a bookmark, embroider your name onto it.

Pine Cones – Use to decorate wreaths and garlands, also lay on their side, and make hedgehogs or birds by adding feathers, pipe cleaners, and pom poms.  Paint them and add them with flower arrangements or place them in a basket with dried leaves or rose petals.

Cinnamon Sticks – Tie with ribbon or the burlap and add to wreaths or garlands, hang small bundles from the Christmas Tree.  Use on collages, the sticks make great legs for matchstick people or as a log pile or bonfire.

Feathers – Use with the Pine Cones to make birds or with Poly Egg Shapes.  Add to collages and card making.

Craft Sticks – lots of ideas for these from using as plant markers when planting seeds to building a bird feeder.  Build a bench or barn if making a farm scene, make a gingerbread house and fill it with gingerbread biscuits. Make star-shaped decorations and stick gem stickers and buttons on to add some shimmer.


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