Natural Wooden Craft Sticks

£1.59 (£1.91 inc. VAT)

These natural wooden craft sticks can be used for lots of craft projects!


Activity Ideas

  • Make a bi-plane by using a wooden peg. glue a lolly stick at right-angles above and below for the wings. Cut a lolly stick in half and cut off the rounded edges. Decorate in authentic colours – for referall click on the link:
  • Make an Easter flowerpot decoration – take an inexpensive primula in a pot and glue a wooden Easter Egg Button onto a craft stick. Pop it into the soil and give to a loved one. Can also use a 3D Flower Deccoration instead too.

So versatile, these Natural Wooden Craft Sticks can be used for lots of craft projects – as well as for making lollies of course!

Eco friendly wood, the sticks can be decorated to suit personal tastes.

Ideal for care home craft activities indoors and out.

See also Coloured Wooden Craft Sticks too.

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