Make Your Own Seasonal Ornaments

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A bundle of products to make some clay ornaments


Get busy making some air-dried clay ornaments to hang from a garland or for building a scene, maybe making tealight holders for Chinese New Year (see our free downloads), whatever you are making we are sure it will be brilliant.

Roll the clay out to the thickness you require, roll thin for hanging ornaments, and remember to make a hole for the ribbon, or keep thick if you want your ornament to stand up.

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Allow the clay to completely dry before decorating.

This bundle consists of:

  • 1KG Stone Air Dry Clay
  • Box of various types of Poster Paint Tubes including Metallic, Neon, and Glitter
  • Reel of Hanging Ribbon
  • 3 x sizes of Flower Cutter
  • 1 x Shell Cutter
Activity Ideas

Divide the clay up and have a dish of water so people can wet their fingers before rolling the clay in their hands, Use a rolling pin or just squash the clay with your fingertips to make it thin or chunky depending on your ornament.

Cut your shapes out of the clay using the cutters, if hanging make a hole with the end of a paint brush or pencil and leave it to dry completely before using the different paints to enhance parts of the ornament or the cutters can be used as stencils, you can copy onto tracing paper or card, cut out the template, and use it to cut material like felt or foam, if using foam you can layer these in different colours to make 3d decorations, if using felt, cut the shape out twice, hold on top of each other and with a needle and thread stitch half way round the edges and then use some material scraps, kitchen foil or paper towels to stuff inside and then continue to stitch it up, there you have a padded decoration, stitch the ribbon to hang it. Use for making biscuits of different shapes.

Bring your creations to life using different types of paints, use the glitter red for hearts as well as mixing with white to have pink ones too.  Mix different types on the same ornament to give it extra depth – add metallic paint to the shell.

Ribbon is a must-have for lots of different crafts, use to hang your ornaments, you can wrap it around the ornament and you can use it as a garland to hang the ornament from

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