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Ceramic Coasters to Decorate PK12

£19.54 (£23.45 inc. VAT)

Design your own coaster


Plain ceramic coasters to design using permanent marker pens or acrylic paints

Design freehand or with the aid of a stencil

If you are having a special event or celebrating a special milestone birthday, why not decorate to add decoration to the table

Use to write encouraging words on, such as Joyful, Smile, Embrace, and scatter around the home

NB; Paint or pens are not included


Activity Ideas

Get everyone to put their name on and decorate then use at the dinner table at meal times

Make a jigsaw:

Place the coasters altogether and with a large stencil trace around the edge, then share the pieces so everyone can decorate in their shaded area

Once complete get everyone to match the pieces back together

If you don’t have a large stencil then just do them in 4’s and do 3 smaller ones.


Each coaster measures:

  • 4 x 4 inches
  • 12 in a pack

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