Artists Canvas Board 10″ x 8″

£2.88 (£3.45 inc. VAT)

artists canvas board.


Create your own masterpiece on our blank canvas. Suitable for all mediums including oil and acylic paint or collage.

Why not set up your own art group with a still life for everyone to capture in their own unique way.

The small size is just right to use on a lap or table top and is lightweight and easy to grip for older hands.

Art can be a highly beneficial way to help people relax and distract the mind from anxiety. It is an activity that people of all abilities, including dementia, can enjoy.

Our Chunky Paint Brush are ideal for anyone with a weak grip or arthritis who finds it difficult to grip a thin paintbrush.



Activity Ideas
  • Make a splatter artwork – mix up paint of different thicknesses and colours and use a stiff brush to ‘ping’ paint onto the canvas. Great fun for all abilities – need a washable floor covering or do outside on a sunny day.
  • Cut out a stencil of a simple tree and attach to the canvas. Paint a rainbow of colours across the rest of the canvas and allow to dry. Remove the tree stencil and fill in outline in black paint to make a vibrant piece of work.
  • Cut or rip up small pieces of rag – raggedy edges are best. Make up a shallow bowl of PVA glue and coat the fabric, then scrunch or layer onto the canvas. Once you have a good tactile effect, allow to dry and paint with assorted shades to finish. Can even add touches of gold or glitter, beads or other effects to make a unique piece of work.
  • Size:
  • 10″ x 8″ (25cm x 20.5cm).

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