So versatile - balloons aren't just for parties you know? Use for gentle tennis or badminton games to slow the game down, or why not stick papier mache around half way, when dry - pop the balloon and you have a bowl just waiting for decoration!

Activity Ideas

  • Use for a gentle and slower game of badminton or tennis - easy for the eye to follow and a larger surface to hit.
  • Glue small pieces of papier mache around and half way up the bulbous area of an inflated balloon. When it's dry, pop the balloon, trim the edge and you have a bowl just waiting for decoration.
  • Soak lengths of yarn or string in PVA glue and drape them around an inflated balloon criss-crossing over each other to give a lattice effect (you are aiming for a sphere shape). Wait to dry and pop the balloon. Paint the string in pastel shades and then hang from trees for a pretty effect.

But if you are having a party, why not add some bunting, Vintage Style Cake Stand and Paper Plates with Doileys to give a lovely retro feel.

Size: Assorted sizes and colours. Pack of 25.

See also our Happy Birthday Balloon set.

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