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13 Large Piece Plastic Puzzle - Wheelbarrow

One for green-fingered puzzle lovers. Just 13 large pieces make this easy to complete for anyone who has fine motor skill difficulty.


Badminton Set

Keep fit and have fun at the same time with this lightweight badminton set. Can be played indoors or out. Includes 2 racquets and 1 shuttlecock.


Large Parachute 3.5m - 8 Handles NEW

Made from strong durable nylon with 8 easy grip handles. Helps with upper body tone and makes exercising fun for all ages and abilities.


Wooden Birdhouse Kits (12 pack)

A fantastic opportunity for a creative group activity session for older people. A ready-to-go activity - no tools required! Makes 12 lovely birdhouses.

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Flower Power Help for Dementia

Flower Power Help for Dementia

- Tuesday, 15th May, 2018

When we hear about flower power, who would have thought...

Daffodils are not only beautiful flowers and a fitting symbol of spring, but may also hold the key to the fight against dementia.

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