Woodworking - Benefits for Seniors

Woodworking - Benefits for Seniors

Our readers may be interested in this great initiative by Sawinery:-

'A lifetime devoted to work could leave one bewildered at the face of retirement. What is there to do with so much free time on one’s hands? Plenty, if you know where to look (just like this the website you’re on right now!). If you’re overwhelmed with the options available, we’d gladly suggest woodworking—it keeps your hands busy, you get something beautiful and possibly useful in the end, and you’d gain friends who share the same interest, which all make senior living more fulfilling.

If you think that woodworking takes more effort than other hobbies usually taken up by seniors, you are definitely right. There’s carving, lifting, and getting more handy with tools, which undeniably come with its own risks. But the benefits outweigh the dangers because of its positive effects to the ageing brain. Even in old age, the mind is still up to facing challenges, keeping it sharp and reliable in the process. It is also one of the many possible antidotes to a sedentary lifestyle: succumbing to a life of isolation and physical inactivity is especially inviting later in life. If slowing down is what you seek at this point, then woodworking affords that too. You can take your time getting used to tools that may be foreign before the hobby, but hey, no need to fret, assistance is always provided to make the activity one that is both safe and enjoyable to everyone involved.'

Robert Johnson

Founder Sawinery

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