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Magnetic Wall Game - Sealife


Our newest Magnetic Wall Game, this time with a great Sealife theme that makes a great activity for people of all abilities but especially good for older people with dementia in care homes. This giant wall game comes with a peel and stick backing that will enhance a plain wall and bring it to life. Play a sea-themed game of noughts and crosses, pairs or just arrange the squares into patterns, it all adds to the fun. 120cm x 120m size.


Marble Factory Wall Mounted Game


Marble Factory is an exciting game that utilises tactical thinking logical planning skills to try to direct the balls into the right placement that align with the pattern on the playing cards. The track can be manipulated to make the balls go where you need - but are you quick enough? Wall-mounted natural wood game that is great for older people in care homes. Utilises planning, spacial awareness and aids concentration skills.


Sensory Wall Panel Set - Sounds 1


Add a sensory experience to a plain wall with this Sensory Wall Panel Set - Sounds 1, with its array of different sound effects it will engage care home residents - especially those with a dementia. Wind the wheel around and listen to the fun click-clack as it passes over the rubber slats, roll the smooth metal balls along to hear different auditory effects or pass the wooden balls up and down the different grooved posts - making 5 different sounds to enjoy. Guaranteed to keep minds engaged and provides tactile fun for restless hands.


Sensory Wall Panel Set - Sounds 2


Enhance a plain wall and add extra fun for your residents, this Sensory Wall Panel Set - Sounds 2 keeps anyone amused as they play with the different attachments. Rotate the Rainmaker box and listen to the pebbles gently fall, making a swishing sound, tap on the furry tambourine to provide a soft thud and slide the wooden slats against each other to make a fun clatter sound. Ideal for older people living with a dementia as they often like to wander around and this keeps anyone engaged in a safe way.