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I Spy Eagle Eye Game


Eagle Eyes are needed to spot the same image that is on your card and on the board - if you spot it first then ring the bell! Items to match include letters, shapes, vehicles and animals plus everyday objects too.


Mosaic Circle Puzzle


One for puzzle-lovers everywhere. This vibrant shaped puzzle is a joy to work out and complete. Large 24cm diameter wooden circle, the pieces are easy to hold and will engage players for a good amount of time.


Mosaic Triangle Puzzle


Can you complete this challenging puzzle? Try to assemble the 37 wooden pieces to fit back as a triangle in a frame? Makes a great gift for any puzzle lover and made from eco-friendly wood too. Puzzles are proven to help keep minds stimulated especially for older people.


Wooden Mosaic Puzzle - 25 Pieces


Endless combinations can be created with this colourful wooden mosaic puzzle. All sides are coloured to enable multiple patterns. Larger pieces especially good for older hands to grip. NB: Delivery time may take longer for this product.