Upcoming Events - June 2022 - July 2022

The month of June celebrates PRIDE with rainbows of colour, dance, music and celebration.

16 - 19 June - US Open - For all Golf lovers, this is a great competetin with spectacular views as well as good golf!

19 June - Fathers Day - A good time to hold a reminiscence session and eat cake

22-26 June - Glastonbury Festival is back - decorate the home, put the hi- lights to the show on, dance, sing and party.  Glastonbury and Woodstock videos are available on YouTube to have a blast from the past.

27 June - 10 July - Wimbledon Tennis Tournament - Get those Strawberries and Cream to the ready, have a sweep stake, sit back and enjoy!

14 - 17 July - The Open at St Andrews - One of the most loved Golf Tournaments in the world, set in Fife, Scotland it can be a challenge with the weather, tune in for all to enjoy.

28 July - 8 August - Commonwealth Games - Great to watch but also great to have your own, set up a few competions to include boules, badminton, dance, hockey (hockandy!) Have an opening ceremony party.

To support all the events coming up over the summer we have some great bundles and kits like our Tennis Tournament Pack and our Golf Champion Set, we have lots of decorations and tableware, Flower Lei's and Straw Hats to get the party started.

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Chair Golf Putting Mat


If you're a keen golfer, why not have a quick putt to keep your hand in? Ideal for anyone with limited mobility. Golf club and balls included.


Cheerleader Pom Pom (pack of 4 assorted)


Our Cheerleader Pom Pom set is just the thing to wave during a gentle fitness session. With one each of blue, red, green and yellow, the lightweight plastic streamers waft about and help to tone upper arms and bodies - especially useful for older people in care homes. People with later-stage dementia enjoy waving them during music singalong sessions too! Washable.


Chiffon Scarves Set (pack of 6)


Lovely, floaty tactile chiffon scarves in rainbow colours will give added interest to exercises and help keep participants concentrating. Pack of 6. Use with our 'Sit to Get Fit' CD!


Coloured Doilies (Pack of 120)


Doilies can be used for so many things and this pretty coloured set is great for both enhancing cakes or biscuits to lots of use in craft projects. Why not use with our gold and silver set code: ART18.


Cross Stitch Kit - Rainbow


A great afternoon quiet time activity.


Fabric Petals for Craft


Pretty petals that can be used in a variety of ways. Can be either glued or sewn together to make flower shapes then attached to a stem for a long lasting display. Why not also use for making a unique brooch or hair decoration?


Golf Champion Set


Keep active indoors or out with our great Golf Target Set. The two high quality clubs have tough rubber heads with lightweight metal shafts. Pop-up net has 4 different games to enjoy. comes with 12 lightweight balls.


Green Serving Patters - Pk3


Pack of 3 Plastic Serving Platters


Green Table Cover


Our Green Table Cover is perfect for parties of all kinds - birthday, anniversary, Christmas, New Year or just for when you need an inexpensive cover for crafts or exhibitions. Nice and large, it measures 2.8m x 1.4m, so it is large enough for any table. Lightweight paper with a plastic backing so any spills are absorbed easily. Perfect for care homes or family parties. Why not team with our Red Party Pack for good contrasting colours - especially good for older people with sight impairment.


Hearts Decor Kit (9pcs)


Bold and Bright Decor Kit to put Love & harmony into your Care Home.


Photo Booth Kit


Take some great photos of party celebrations with this great kit


Rainbow Bunting


Large flags of bright colours


Rainbow Centrepiece Table Decoration


Our beautiful Rainbow Centrepiece Table decoration is the perfect answer to any party. So easy to use and can be used again and again. Just fan out the pretty wire star pieces and it's ready to adds panache to your special event. Can be used for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, New Year and any other celebration you need instant glamour for. Team with our Rainbow Hanging Swirls for the total look. Ideal for care homes to keep as a ready-to-go decoration. Weighted for balloons (optional).


Rainbow Decor Kit


Add fun in an instant with this Rainbow Decor Kit.


Rainbow Flower Lei Garland (Pack of 4)


Add colour and movement to any party by wearing our pretty Rainbow Flower Lei Garland. Why not also use them for a fun addition to any exercise or music activity session. Made from lightweight fabric flower shapes that can be wiped clean.


Rainbow Hanging Swirls Party Decoration


Whatever the occasion, these Rainbow Hanging Swirls will look great adorning any room. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, New Year, Diwali or any event you need. Can be hung from the ceiling, window or outside from a tree - just what you need for instant party atmosphere! Team with our Rainbow Centrepiece table decoration and Polka Dot Party Set and you have everything you need for a quick fun celebration. Ideal for busy care home staff and most items can be used over again.


Soft Ball Tennis Set


Anyone for tennis? This lightweight set is just the thing to play indoors or out. Durable set of plastic raquets and soft sponge ball is all you need for game, set and match!

£9.99 £8.99

Table Tennis Set


Everyone's favourite - this neat table tennis set provides fun and exercise at the same time. Net fits easily to table (extends up to 131 cm). Includes 3 balls.


Table Tennis Set - Deluxe


Everyone's favourite sports game - now available in a deluxe set. Our Table Tennis Set - Deluxe is the perfect addition to any care home or club. The extending net will fit most tables and the non-slip clamps fit easily to hold it in place securely. So easy to set up and dismantle. Set includes 2 x bats and 3 x balls.


Tennis Tournament Glitter Garland


Our Tennis Tournament Glitter Garland is just the thing for a tennis celebration. Ideal for this year's tennis events like Wimbledon - or why not host your own match? Use with our Tennis Tournament Kit and Winners Medal set, but make sure you have the strawberries and cream ready for afterwards! Makes a great activity for any care home and encourages gentle exercise for older residents.


Tennis Tournament Kit


Bring our the strawberries and cream, here's everything you need to host your own Tennis Tournament. Our kit has both tennis raquets and soft balls plus table tennis bats and balls for your own preference. Set includes score board and chalks, umpire cap and sun hat, spare soft balls and even winner medals and trophies. The perfect fun activity for any care home and residents.


Wooden Crazy Golf Set


High quality set made from pine that makes a great activity come rain or shine. Make it as easy or challenging as you want with the range of obstacles provided.


Wooden Croquet Game


Nothing conjures up the style and elegance of a traditional English summer’s day like a game of croquet. Beautiful all wooden set that makes a treasured activity for all ages. Makes the perfect outdoor game to encourage older care home residents to enjoy gentle exercise in a fun way.


Adhesive Gem Stones - Gold (pack of 1500)


These Adhesive Gem Stones will add a golden shimmer to any craft project. So easy to stick on and ideal for anyone with dementia as the plainest item can be given a glitzy rich effect. Why not use for card making as a shiny border? Add a festive design using our Christmas stencils and Glitter Paint Palette and you have a unique card with a professional finish.


Red Table Cloth (pack of 2)


Our Red Table Cloth adds colour and fun to any party. Made from disposable paper - when it gets messy - Just recycle it in the paper bin. Looks great with our Polka Dot Party in a Box or why not use for a Valentine's Day themed celebration? Red is a lucky colour in China - so use our table cover for a Chinese New Year party. Brings a fun element for care home residents. Use contrasting tableware for anyone with a sight impairment.


Gold Table Cover (2pk)


Add some glitz to your table with this Gold Table Cover. Made from paper that can easily be disposed of once finished.


Coloured Tissue Paper


Versatile sheets of tissue to use in craft projects of all types like stained glass windows. Can also be used for gift wrapping. Colours may vary.