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Baby Doll Gloria


Beautiful Gloria will melt anyone's heart. She comes with a removable romper suit, hat, bottle and dummy. Her lower half is bean-filled. Doll therapy is a recognised therapy often used with dementia patients to help rekindle memories of looking after children and give a sense of purpose.


Black and White Hanging Paper Fans (set of 6 assorted)


These Black and White Hanging Paper Fans will wow any room. Perfect for any party and add a touch of sophistication for adults. Pack includes two each of 40cm, two each of 30cm and two each of 20cm pleated fans in assorted black and white designs that compliment each other. Great for Halloween - hang from ceilings, windows, doors or walls for instant appeal. Why not use with our Happy Birthday Bunting too*

£9.99 £6.99

Booklet Complete Collection (set of 7 titles)


Complete set of nostalgic booklets that include Make Do And Mend and Joining Up, and other replica booklets from the wartime, With It 1960s Trends - fashion from the day. Our Lives is packed with interesting facts, quizzes and information from the 1940s to the 1980s. This collection makes a fun conversation starter and is ideal for use as a reminiscence therapy aid for older people living with a dementia.

£34.99 £30.38

Hand Puppet (12 assorted)


Act out your own stories with our Hand Puppet set. Wooden and fabric puppets with assorted themes such as witch, clown, queen, wizard etc plus one each of crocodile and wolf to delight your audience. Puppets can also be used for encouraging conversation in older people with a dementia i.e. they may respond better to a puppet asking them questions than a person. Why not invent your own play and then act it out with the puppets?