The Decades Quiz Mat is Here!

Yes, it’s true!  A great new addition to our very popular range of quiz mats is now here!  We know how you all love our Target Mat range so we are very excited to launch our newest Decades Quiz Mat that combines gentle exercise with 150 reminiscence question cards to jog treasured memories and encourage conversation.

Just throw one of the four beanbags onto one of the brightly coloured sections and try to answer a question from that decade: choose from the 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s.

 Sample questions include:

  •          1940s – What would you do with a darning mushroom?
  •          1950s – Who rocked around the clock in 1954?
  •          1960s – What was Mary Quant famous for?
  •          1970s – In which sport did Mark Spitz win seven gold medals?
  •          1980s – The world watched whose wedding on 29th July 1981?

The mat also includes ‘Memories’ sections that are played in the same way, but the questions are specially designed to trigger discussion amongst the players (ideal for people with a dementia such as Alzheimer’s) – e.g:  ‘What was your favourite TV programme during the 80s?

Activity Coordinators working with older people in Care Homes, Day Centres or anyone in a hospital setting will find this a long lasting and invaluable resource – visit our website now to order yours.

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