Boredom Busters - Table Top and Board Games

Everyone loves a board game and we have a huge range to suit all tastes and abilities. From traditional favourites of Chess and Snakes and Ladders to something a little bit different. Check out our Prickly Pile Up or Sentence Building Dominoes, games that are guaranteed to get everyone chatting and having fun together.

We now have eight different varieties of games in our popular Match The ... series too, we have added a new Match the Films 2 and now Match the Foods. Fully washable plastic chunky pieces that can be played in a group or individually.

Dementia Friendly Games

For anyone living with dementia, SenioMemory Game or Vita Park are a lovely way to jog past memories and can be a useful tool in reminiscence therapy sessions. The image cards depicting old and new objects can be used in a variety of ways. Why not try Call to Mind too? This is a specially designed game for use with older people with dementia and gives great guidance written by professionals.

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Giant Toppling Tower


Stack the blocks and try not to make them fall in this colourful game of crashes! Play against friends and family as you take turns to remove a block from the tower and place it on the top. Watch out though, one false move will bring the whole tower toppling down!


Recovery Truck Magnetic Game (10 Pieces)


Call the tow truck! This magnetic wooden puzzle game features colourful automotive artwork. Use the magnetic truck to “tow” the 10 numbered cars from the game board. Enjoy challenging fun returning the cars to their correct spots! A creative way to encourage hand/eye coordination and fine motor development.