Everyone's favourite - this neat table tennis set provides fun and exercise at the same time. Net fits easily to table (extends up to 131 cm). Includes 3 balls.

Everyone's favourite - this neat table tennis set will provide fun and exercise at the same time. Net fits easily to table (extends up to 131cm). Includes 3 balls.

'Ping Pong' as an activity has now been provon to help in the early stages of dementia and is a fast becoming a favourite activity for older people including those using a wheelchair  living in Care homes and day centres.

Also great for children and young adults as helps with coordination and social interaction.

Sturdy wooden bats with rubberised surfaces, durable net with coated metal fixings. 3 lightweight table tennis balls.

Set includes: 2 x wooden bats (1 red and 1 blue), net (extends to 131cm), 3 x balls, zipped storage case.

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