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REDUCED PRICE - WHILE STOCKS LAST! Provides a comprehensive demonstration of the Spa Ball set with lots of practical ideas to follow. All done at a gentle pace so is suitable for all abilities.

REDUCED PRICE - WHILE STOCKS LAST! This fun DVD is designed to accompany the Spa Ball Set - our chair-based tactile and sensory routine is ideal for people of all abilities - especially for those with dementia.

This exercise DVD is all about improving mobility through gentle resistance exercises.

Three gentle workouts on one DVD demonstrate some basic movements to carefully mobilise the body.  All activities are performed in a seated position. Each workout uses a different Spa Ball as shown at a deliberately slow pace, with no strenuous or tiring movements. 

1.   Hand, finger & mind warm up.

2.   Stress Ball workout.

3.   Massage Ball workout.

4.   Bump Ball workout.

This product is also suitable for school-based activities, supporting young people with learning disabilities.

Product Information: Features optional music and/or subtitles. DVD suitable for most countries and players.


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