Fidget Therapy Aids - Soft and Cuddly Activities

Fiddle Muff - Activities to Share

Many older people can find their hands become a little unsteady over the years and this can become more pronounced in times of stress or when agitated. Having something to 'work' their fingers on can help a great deal. Our range of stress-relievers can assist with each having a variety of attachments to twist, twiddle and pull.

People living with a dementia can often suffer from mood swings and bouts of irritability, or may show signs of distress when having to be transported somewhere. A comfort activity can help distract and soothe and can be carried wherever they are going thus saving carers time and effort. See also our Comforting Pets and Dolls section for other comfort ideas.

These range from cuddly cushions to Activity Aprons that can be worn by the user - especially those with dementia who may forget where they left it. Our Fiddle Pups provide companionship as well as having a removable fun coat with attachments to feel and twiddle with. He will happily sit on a lap and enjoy his ears being stroked and played with.

All our items are checked for safety and strength and are especially designed for those living with dementia or special needs.