Communication with others is essential for emotional and mental wellbeing and especially so for older people who may have limited mobility and/or speech difficulties.

Our games are aimed at involving everyone for a fun, shared experience and provide the basis for friendships to form.

  • encourage social interaction - engaging with others promotes feelings of well-being and alleviates depression and loneliness
  • shared experience - talking about the past in a group helps give a sense of community, helping to learn more about others around you
  • breaks down language barriers - our products offer various topics to help understanding the likes and dislikes of someone with speech difficulties

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Communication Board


Our Communication Board is designed by Activities to Share to meet the needs of people with speech difficulties.Check out our video


First World War Box Set


30 varied items of often unused WW1 memorabilia including: newspaper, posters, Trench booklet, flyers, soldiers pay book and many more. Great for history lessons or displays.


Link and Think - Hobbies


Specially designed to open up communication and thought processes of people playing. No right or wrong answers and can lead to discussion and reminiscence.


Reminiscence Conversation Cards - As We Were


16 A5 double-sided cards. Hand-drawn illustrations include: Fashion and trades through the decades (1940s-1970s)including 'demob' suits, mods & rockers etc. Reverse has information about the image. Ideal to use with anyone with a dementia.