Simple Cuppa

The humble cuppa is being heralded as the latest defence to stave off brittle bone disease. Researchers from Australia have found that people who regularly drink a minimum of three cups of tea were a third less likely to suffer bone breakage when compared to people who didn’t drink tea.

Osteoporosis affects over three million people in the UK, with approximately 300,000 broken wrists, hips, spines and other bones being broken each year.  Each month sees around 1,150 deaths caused by breaking hips, all of which adds to the already overstretched NHS. These findings, if proven, could come as a huge welcome in the fight to keep people out of hospitals up and down the country.

A Decade Of Tests|Women In Their Eighties

Experts have been testing around 1,200 older women for the last ten years – most being in their eighties. Their diets were monitored and, in particular, asked about their tea drinking habits. It was found that for those who drank three or more cups a day on a regular basis had stronger bones, with less risk of suffering fractures.

The researchers have found that tea contains substances called flavonoids, derived from plants, these can aid the construction of new bone cells and also, reduce the wearing down of those that exist, although research is still continuing to look at other factors.

Sarah Leyland, National Osteoporosis Society said that, ‘ It isn’t clear whether this is because tea contains flavonoids or fluoride or something else’ but agreed that tea drinking might help to prevent fractures.


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