Joy For All Companion Cat – Tuxedo

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Companion Cat that can purr, meow, and move like a real cat.

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Tuxedo makes an ideal companion pet cat for anyone unable to own the real thing. She can purr, meow and makes movements just like a real live cat but without the hassle. She will respond differently depending on where you pet her. Especially recommended for anyone with a dementia – read the supporting evidence below.

Researchers studying the effects of robotic companion pets on people living with a dementia found:

‘companion cats enhance the well-being and quality of life of individuals with dementia living in a long-term care facility by providing companionship and interaction with their environment, which helps to reduce anxiety and agitation.’ They also found that ‘introduction of the cat would prompt an overwhelmingly positive response welcoming the cat with a change in posture and effect.’ ‘Upon stimulation of the cat, the participants would have increased acknowledgement, interaction and positive regard towards the cat.’ James Madison University (12.12.2018)

The Joy for All pets have won the following awards:

  • Dementia Smart Award (2018)
  • Caregiver Friendly  Award (2016, 2017 & 2019),
  • Providence Business News ‘Most Innovative Companies – Best in Business’ (2018)
  • TripleTree iAwards finalist (2018).

This product differs from static comfort toys such as Perfect Petzzz in that the Joy for All companion pet cats have a wide range of movements and noises much more like the real thing.

Award winning product has won praise for its ability to:

  • Provide companionship
  • Increases meaningful interactions between family, staff and other residents
  • Helps stimulate conversation
  • Calms anxiety
  • Increases quality of life for anyone who is socially isolated
  • Helps improve behaviour without use of drugs

Tuxedo will entertain you by:

  • Pat her left cheek and she will move his head towards your hand
  • Pet the back of her head and she will purr happily
  • Keep stroking her and she can roll on her back for you to tickle her tummy!
  • The more you pet her, the more relaxed she gets, she might even go to sleep
  • Leave her alone and she will go to sleep – wake her up with a gentle pat on the back
  • Has mute switch when you need her to be quiet.

Read about a  clinical study regarding the benefits of robotic pets by clicking here.


Includes brush and care guide.

Battery compartment has screw door for safety – takes 4 x 1.5 ‘C’ batteries. Polyester coat – can be brushed (sponge clean only).

Size: (l) 33cm (excluding tail) x (w) 17cm (excluding legs) x (h) 24cm.


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