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Electronic Bingo Machine

£199.75 (£239.70 inc. VAT)

Large Print display Bingo Machine

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Easy to use this Bingo Machine has a 4inch audience display and 20mm operator display

Play games 1-90 or 1-75

Retains current game in the event of power failure

The last number called flashes on the operator matrix display and you can select the delay on the number displayed to the audience


Activity Ideas

Add a twist to your game of Bingo!

Make a list of questions or use some of the question cards out of one of our mats or QMQC2 

Number them 1-75 and make some groups of 6 people, give each group a bingo ticket and dabber

To Play:

Press the button on the bingo machine to display a number

Ask the question that is numbered the same

The teams need to answer the question – either press a buzzer or slap the desk or shout

If correct and the number is on the sheet they can mark it off – if not someone else can steal the number by answering the question correctly.

The winner is the team that can shout Bingo


You can make the game short by doing just one-line wins or go for a full house for a longer game.

  • 100mm audience display
  • 20mm operator display
  • Mains electric

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